Yet another reissue…

Another reissue of Beatle material has arrived, but this time it’s really, really worth it. Well at least thats what I keep telling myself.

The Beatles 1 was first released back in 2000 as a compilation album of all of the bands 27 number 1 hits achieved over their 8 years of album making. Now 15 years later, the set has been revisited and “updated”. On the surface the is update is basically a sonic one, as the tracks have all be remixed and remastered and wow, do they sound fucking awesome.

The greatness of the sound is primarily because the 2009 masters where not used, and each track was individually revisited by Giles Martin (George Martin’s son), and it is a huge improvement. It makes me wonder if The Beatles catalog will be “fixed” by Giles in the near future? But I doubt it, simply because not that much time has past since it was last “fixed” in 2009.

Another major update in this re-release is the exclusive limited edition of The Beatles 1,  labeled 1+ which contains not only the remastered CD, but 2 Blu Ray discs containing hi-resolution audio and remastered 1080p videos of all of the songs included on the album, along with a wide assortment of videos covering the bands 8 year recording career.

With its seriously upgraded audio and video, The Beatles 1+ is a must buy for any fan to add to their collection.

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