Goodbye to The Mind Set Podcast..?

I ended my Podcast after 325 weekly episodes.

I know, crazy right?

To be honest, I had been thinking about ending the podcast for a while, over the last year or so the 'calling it a day' feeling would enter my thoughts, and I would seriously consider pulling the plug on the show. But somehow I would always dismiss it, and get right back to the task at hand, namely creating, recording, editing and publishing a weekly podcast.

It was truly a bitter sweet experience saying goodbye my the weekly ritual of sitting in front to a microphone and providing an alternate view of the news, while chatting about the weather to my co-hosts and playing a tune during the break. My co-hosts were all great in very different ways, and what a wonderful and amazing experience it was to meet and become friends with people that otherwise would have never crossed my path.

The Mind Set Podcast started back in 2009 and continued until May 2017, and over that time it became clear to me that I had formed habit, and one that was very hard to break. You see, in my mind the podcast had run its course. It was becoming stale, I was broadcasting into an echo chamber and preaching to the choir. A lot of the time we all seemed to be on autopilot and just going through the motions. We still produced great shows each week, but my enthusiasm for the show continued to diminish and each Sundays recording had started to become a chore.

A number of weeks have past now and i'm finally podcast free! At first I wasn't sure how I would deal with it. Would I miss the show? Would I love my newly found freedom due to lack of commitment? Would I ramble incoherently into a disconnected microphone to get my fix?

What I discovered, was that the whole thing varies. While I don't miss The Mind Set Podcast, I am starting to miss podcasting.

There were also a number of surprising things that appeared at the end of the show, things I really wasn't expecting.

The first and most pleasant, was the outpouring of sadness from the listeners. Now I don't mean that another persons sadness gives me pleasure, far from it. But I did find it consoling that so many people wrote to me and posted on message boards stating how much they loved the show, and how much they will miss it. This really touched me, and made it all worth while. It seems that I somehow did connect with the people out there with my broadcasts.

The second thing I discovered, was shocking to me as it concerned my former Mind Set co-hosts. I found out that my Mind Set co-hosts were dreadfully upset by my decision to end the show. Some more so than others, but all were shocked and saddened by my decision. So much so that we have all basically lost contact with each other, and in some cases I've been "unfriended" and "blocked" on social media. I say 'some cases' but it was actually only one of my co-hosts who got a little childlike, but be that as it may, I hold no grudges or animosity to any of them. I still think of them as friends and love the work we did together on the show.

Even though I have hit the pause button on my podcasting life, several weeks ago I had agreed to be a guest on The Nocturnal Frequency Radio show. I've appeared on the show a number of times in the past and always had a great time, so I agreed to appear.

Below is the most recent episode I appeared on, and yes we do touch on the demise of The Mind Set Podcast.

Guesting on the show was the first time in what seems like an eternity that I had sat in front of my microphone. In fact reconnecting cables and powering up my mixer was a feeling that I had missed.

It was nice to be back, if only for a short while.

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